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Various pictures from my collection...


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Below are some pictures that have made their way into publications, usage on the net commercially, etc. I thought I'd share them with everyone.


Water Tower - Chicago, IL (only building left standing after the Chicago fire)


6th Avenue - New York, NY (street scene)


Saint Patrick's Cathedral - New York, NY (street scene)


Grant Park - Chicago, IL (facing NW)


Metra - Chicago, IL (Grant Park Metra tracks)


Washington Station - Chicago, IL (Blue Line subway station)


WTC Site - New York, NY (World Trade Center site)


WTC Memorial - New York, NY (opposite Nasdaq)


Downtown - Chicago, IL (southside)


Plane Landing - Chicago, IL (approaching Midway Intl Airport looking north)


Lincoln Park - Chicago, IL (facing southeast)


Downtown - Chicago, IL (facing northeast)


Downtown - Chicago, IL (workday scene)


Downtown - Chicago, IL (facing north)


Sears Tower - Chicago, IL (downtown)


Downtown - Chicago, IL (night scene)


AON Center - Chicago, IL (snow scene)


Grand Central - New York, NY (night scene)


Saint Patrick's Cathedral - New York, NY (architecture)


Trump - New York, NY (architectural improvements)


State Street - Chicago, IL (southside rowhouses)

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Wow, these are really great! Ever made any money off them?

Unfortunately not. I just sign for the use of it with no reimbursement...I still hold the copyrights though. I love taking pictures and if someone else likes them enough to use them then it's that much better, but I'm definately not in it for any kind of money. I keep telling myself I'm going to make it to downtown Charlotte for a shoot but I never get there...when I am there I don't have my camera for some reason.

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These are great pics Neo. For some reason you have some of the best pics of Chicago I have ever seen

Well, some of these pics are one of a kind and probably won't ever be taken again from that angle. The pictures looking down over the city were taken from the 73rd/72nd floor of the AON Center (2nd tallest building in Chicago, 3rd tallest in the US, 80 floors total). I worked for a law firm for a while there and I had an office up there to take pictures from. The building doesn't have an observation deck and the only way to go up is if you work there and have an ID to the elevator and floor. I'm planning a trip back to Chicago for a few days at the first of May and will be taking my new camera so expect a thread of Chicago pics! I'm gonna try to sneak my camera into the AON Center (going to visit my old employer... ;) ) and if I can I'll get some more pics from up there.

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I've never been to Chicago even though im originally from STL. The pics look great. I hope Chicago does something about that murder rate.

Yeah, it's bad. Murder rate in Chicago is higher than anywhere else in the country, including New York City which is unbelievable. Just don't go anywhere south of Chicago and don't get off on a few stops on the west side on the subway and you're fine. I think a larger percentage of crime is committed on the south side. The north side is reserved for the upper class folks. You really ought to visit Chicago, it's an amazing city! Despite the murder rate everyone there is extremely friendly...I've heard that it's been rated several times as THE city for southern transplants to move to.

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Hmm, that's odd people say Bostonians are very unfriendly but we have a low murder rate. ;)

I don't trust those midwesterners, they're too damn friendly. I expect them to burst at any moment. Better in Boston where people are continually releasing the pent up frustration. <_<

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I don't trust those midwesterners, they're too damn friendly. I expect them to burst at any moment.

Don't forget the people from south carolina, remember we have charlestown america's friendliest city. and then we have the messed up city of sumter with some high crime rates

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I thought that D.C. had a higher murder rate than Chicago.

Chicago is the place where many metro Detroiters are moving. It's amazing to see the number of people - especially young people - moving to Chicago. In fact, most people in my school who want to move to a city (which is actually quite a large percentage of students) are planning on moving to Chicago. Chicago offers the city lifestyle that cannot be found in Michigan, or anywhere else in the midwest for that matter.

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Detroit is having a lot of murders right now too. Cities usually have more murders at this time of year because it's winter...it's cold, people are depressed, and more easily upset. Boston seems to be a safe city. The current rates will drop later on this year. In fact last year Flint, MI had like 7 murders in January and ended up having the lowest total number of murders in many years.

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