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Landmark Lofts Phase II


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Here's what I found out. When Devries added on to the original CC Comstock building (1875) in 2001 they always had plans to continue the expansion and add 40 or so more condos to the North. The agent said that the addition has gone through many iterations, and will look a little more ornate than the current addition. Devries has revived the idea of building it maybe this year, but nothing for sure. Tom Nemitz at Cornerstone is the architect. She is sending me some renderings in the snail mail. :thumbsup:

The Business Journal had an article about it back in 2001:


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I believe they are at the corner of 6th St. and Monroe (right next to the 6th street bridge.)

(GRDad, sorry about asking, but I couldn't get access to the article.)

Oooohhhh right, right.. Aren't those pretty expensive? They look awesome inside (from what I can see driving down monroe)

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