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Anybody have information on the Digital Canopy provided in downtown Tallahassee? There was a website www.digitalcanopy.com, but it doesn't seem to work. I am trying to find out how far the canopy extends since I live downtown and may want to use it...I also hear that it may no longer be free of charge to use.

I think its a great thing for downtown and from Google it appears its helped make Tallahassee appear as one of the innovators in this type of technology.

Any information/clues?


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The Digital Canopy began as a pilot project for our City. Tallahassee and Seattle, Washington were among the first two cities in the country to try something like this. It is bascially a free broadcast of wireless internet access over wide range of the city's urban area. There are a few access points downtown, and several at the airport for users to tap into. According to Shawn Johnson, a system coordinator for the Digital Canopy, there are 130 users per day using the Canopy, roughly 80% of them access from Tallahassee Regional Airport.

The Digital Canopy is being kept alive by a single contract right now. The previous City Commission had several members interested in the expasion of the system to include other parts of the city, hoping to one day be able to sell service for revenues, much like we sell electricity. The project is still in the development stages. It began as a project of the Electric Systems Planning Department and is now being run by the City's internal ISS department.

To access the Canopy, simply allow your wireless card to recognize the signal, and when it does, open your internet explorer. You will be given a little background information followed by a prompt for your e-mail address.

I hope that helps.


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TJ, Thanks for the map of the Digital Canopy access points! I use it quite often when I'm downtown on business but never knew where to get the best signal. I also use it all the time at the airport while waiting on flights. The speed is quite slow but it's certainly better than nothing plus it's FREE!!! :D I sure thought it would average more than just 130 users a day. Maybe when StarMetro kicks off their whole proposed Wi-Fi venture it will but some pep back into the Digital Canopy idea.

AiT, I've never tried to use it outside of the immediate DT area or the airport so I can't answer your question about coverage in your neighborhood near Leon High but I'll try to access it next time I'm over your way.

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