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Best Kentucky downtowns


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I'm most fond of Paducah's, Lexington's, and Frankfort's downtowns. Louisvilles is awesome too from what I have seen and heard, but its in a different league for the most part.

Princeton, Mayfield, and Murray all have nice downtown's IMO as well for smaller towns/cities.

I would have to say Frankfort. I think the topography and architecture make for a beautiful setting.

Lexington has a lot of potential and the next few years should see a lot of activity.

Obviously, Louisville is the biggest and most urban and hopefully some projects like the arena will help them with density and taller more striking buildings like the Humana building.

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I have to agree with Frankfort. It is beautiful and historical. You feel like you just walked back in time. Frankfort needs to always treasure this feel. Paducah would be number two for me. Mayfield would be number three. The photo's make me want to add Lebanon as four(also makes me want to pay a little visit, I've never been, but now want to go). Lexington and then Louisville tie for my top five.

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