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The Greenville County Law Enforcement Center is currently undergoing major expansion of the detention facility. Construction has started within the last month and now steel and concrete are forming the foundation of the new structure(s). If anyone has photos or progress reports, post them in this thread. :)


  • $24 million for construction, expansion and renovation

  • 448-bed expansion

  • Contractor - MB Kahn

Link to Greenville County information

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The crane is up and is it ever impressive as you enter downtown on I-385. :shades: It isn't very tall, but it helps to show some construction taking place on this end of downtown.

Noticed this today also, headed in on 385. How many floors is this expansion suppose to be? I didn't even think it was enough floors to need a crane. It is nice to see a crane at this entrance to downtown. :thumbsup:

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From the height of the crane, I'd guess (just a guess mind you) anywhere between 4 to 7 floors. Most likely 4 to 6, but I haven't seen any renderings. The reason for the crane is probably due to the building being constructed of heavy steel and concrete and little room for material trucks and smaller cranes to move around. Just imagine the Pinnacle crane going up behind it at the same time. This most likely will not happen, but it is nice to imagine. In any case this crane is fairly sizeable and undeniably noticeable as you enter downtown from I-385. Lets hope the building, an expansion of the detention center, isn't an architectural eyesore.

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