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CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Greenville High School


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Construction has been going on for several months now, but within the last couple of days, demolition of the gym has been taking place. Behind the school, the steel skeleton of a major addition is in place, and there are signs of more to come. If anyone has photos or progress reports, post them in this thread. :)

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I believe it is unreasonable to hold Winter's responsible for the fact that the gym had to be condemned due to "lack of rebar in the walls" ... If anything will slow a project.... then, I don't have any children waiting to get back in...

Guess that's why they are all so edgy right now. Lot's of stress onsite, right on down to the cleanup crew...

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It is unfortunate but sometimes construction does have delays.I know people don't want to hear excuses but sometimes things get delayed. I dont know much about this project, but it seems to me like they had design problems and the GC does not have anything to do with the design.I may be wrong but thats just how it looks to me.

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Does anybody have word on what they are putting in behind the High School? Within the last few months on this block they've torn down all the houses, an old church, cleared all the land, done some site work, and are now building this wall. I assume it is still part of the school.



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