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Urban Spaces Film @ Nashville Civic Design Center


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After reading the posts and attending both meetings at Bongo Java, it excites me to know that there are others out there that care about Nashville and it's future. Also promising, is the fact that we do not all come from the same background/discipline. I believe our differences make us a stronger forum in that one can bring something to the table that we as individuals may not have considered otherwise.

With that said, my discipline happens to be urban design. For those interested, there is a film entitled "The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces" playing at the Nashville Civic Design Center this Tuesday, Feb. 7 from 5:15-6:45 (see link).

I really feel our group could make a positive impact on the future of Nashville by providing input at events such as this.

The Nashville Civic Design Center is located in "Butler's Run" and the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Commerce. Everyone is welcome.


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I just may be able to be there. Also WELCOME to the forum mississippiyuppie. The Nashville and Middle Tennessee Forum has really started to grow in the last couple of months. I hope to see the momentum to continue. It would be great to see the East and West TN Forums grow just as fast. I try to tell people about this forum all the time. So maybe the East and West can take this as a challenge.

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