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Jackson, TN - Yep, I'm finally posting pics of the "Capital of Rural WTN"

Rural King

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So after sitting on said pictures for about two months I am finally feeling like posting pictures. :D

Jackson: 59,643 (2000)

Madision County: 91,837 (2000)

Jackson, TN is the manufacturing, retail/commercial, medical, and entertainment hub for most of West Tennessee. It is often referred to as the "Capitol of Rural West Tennessee" since it serves as the primary urban center for most of the grand division's counties. It is home to many large industrial concerns such as Pringles Chips (Procter & Gamble), ARJ Manufacturing, Pinnacle Foods, Bodine Aluminum (Toyota Engine Plant), Maytag, Black & Decker, Pentair Tools, US Farthane, AmeriSteel (Recycling Steel Plant), Save-A-Lot Foods (Distribution), and many others. The city is also home of many growing commercial, medical, and entertainment areas, the most prominent entertainment venue being the city's AA Cubs affiliate the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx.

Jackson recently has been ranked 42nd on Industrial Expansion's "Top 50 Hottest Cities" list and was listed not long ago as one the nations more affordable and attractive metros to live in.

Sidenote:I also finished last week the Jackson Development map, which can be found on the UP frontpage under the Development Maps tab. It will so the locations of many of these buildings and facilties.

So here we go! (pardon the cloudy day, weather was not co-operating)

The New Southern Hotel - Newly refurbished and with new ground floor retail. Upper floors used as senior citizen apartments. Tallest building in downtown.


Madison County Court House



Congressman Ed Jones Federal Building


New Federal Court House



Jackson City Hall


Historic Greyhound Bus Station


The Ned McWherter Cultural Arts Center ("The Ned") - Which is a new facility attached to the old city hall.


Downtown Memorial


Tennessee Supreme Court Building (West Tennessee Division)


Not the greatest shot IMO of the Carl Perkins Civic & Convention Center, its a hard building to capture.


Tennergy Center - New Corporate HQ Building Downtown


Pringles Park




More pics to come. Hope everyone enjoyed them. Comments are welcomed!

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So after sitting on said pictures for about two months I am finally feeling like posting pictures. :D

Jackson: 59,643 (2000)

Madision County: 91,837 (2000)

More pics to come. Hope everyone enjoyed them. Comments are welcomed!

Great stuff, RK. Just to update the latest stats from the Census Bureau (albeit a year and a half old), the city of Jackson had an estimated 61,772 in 2004 and Madison County, 94,397.

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One remarkable thing about Jackson is they always think big! They have always sought out events and development that put them in a national spotlight.

They have AA baseball which is quite an acheivement in a city this size. They hosted the Women's College Basketball Championships, before it became too big for any one city. And they have hosted beauty pageants which have received national attention.

And it is the home town of Too Tall Jones, Casey Jones, Chuck Woolery, Carl Perkins and Cootie Brown. That's about as odd an assortment of characters as you could find, anywhere.

How many of you know about Mr. Cootie Brown? Shame on you. ;)

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@ Kyle and Sleepy - Thanks for the positive feedback!

I don't know much about it, but it is a seperate town as far as I know. I have not been South of Jackson in years. If I go an area south of Jackson it is usually on US 51 on my way to Memphis or Mississippi :).

I am interested in visiting that portion of West Tennessee, so maybe sometime soon I can venture on down US 45 to Bemis, Henderson, Selmer, etc.

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^ There's the answer! It still shows on my DeLorme Atlas as two seperate urban areas, but like I said earlier I didn't know but assumed they were seperate, which was wrong. Thanks FDJ for looking that up! :D Putting that Tennessee Encylcopedia to use.

I think the DeLorme Atlas can be somewhat unreliable. I recalled that Bemis disappeared from regular atlases some time ago, but couldn't recall what year it was fully annexed by Jackson. I forgot, too, that the Encyclopedia was online, otherwise I probably would've been too lazy to go look it up in my hard copy. :P

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