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Outsider opinion on Detroit.


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I am from Miami and I was very impressed with the way the asuper was carried out. I like many peoplel had negative impressions about Detroit. all I knew of it was 1)city in decline 2) RoboCop 3) Ford 4) Home Improvement. While I admit to my ignorance on that one, I can say with certainty that Detroit is quite beautiful. the downtown area looked like New York and it was very pretty at night. My friends and I all remarked that DownTown Detroit was very Beautiful. Detroit is now somewhere I would like to visit, and it looked much cleaner and much safer than i thought. My negative impressions where wiped away as the city suprised me becuase it was sooo much cleaner than i thought. Congrats on a great super bowl. You guys pulled it off and really kicked Jacksonville right in the ass..

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed the city and let me say that home improvement is a bad place to draw conclusions about us. Al Borland would have been booed out of town a long time ago.

Awesome to hear the positive comments! Come back often!

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That's such a great thing to hear. Thanks for taking the time to mention it, KendallKid!

I hope you DO come back and experience one of America's most forgotten and neglected metropolises. We're not falling off the map yet. In fact, we're just getting back in the game.

I hope the Miami bowl is as successful as the XL in Detroit! :)

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