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where is the superbowl pics


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Time to grade the building light schemes!

Stott: B- Nice job with the lights on top, more on in the building though

Penobscot: A- Not a lot of lights on inside, but the top makes up for it.

Buhl D+ The only reason why you didn't fail was because you had your roof lights on. Even the Broderick beat you, haha.

150 W. A- A crapload of exterior lights gives you a reason not to turn your interior one on.. Pretty good.

Guardian A- Beautiful spotlights, not enough interior lights to pull of an A though

Raymond James A Nice work on keeping all the lights on. You actually look like someones home.

1 Woodward A- Pretty damn good.

Comerica Tower A Well done

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Yah, Windsor had the best views (as always) thos punks! ;)

Though Comerica Tower must have kept their metor-reader busy that week, I still think it gets like a B+. The roof of that building was made for exterior lighting, even if it was increadibly subtle.

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