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an overseas opinion of detroit


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i must admit i had bad feelings about detroit but that is all gone away now. detroit is a crown jewel in america's crown. i'm from london, england and i came for the super bowl thinking the worst, now i'm thinking the best about the city. great food, wonderful music and the greatest people. you all should be proud. (i don't even live here and i am) thank you detroit. london loves you. 2 thumbs up for what is in my opinion now the best jewel in the u.s.a. crown DETROIT, MICHIGAN. LOOK OUT CHICAGO, NEW YORK and L.A. DETROIT IS NIPPING AT YOUR HEELS!!!!!!! p.s. I WILL BE BACK REAL SOON.

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I wish I could rent a billboard in the suburbs and plaster all of you guys' great comments about Detroit. It really means a lot to all of us that you think highly of Motown and respect it the way you do. Let's keep the momentum going! :)

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