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Va. Beach CBD master plan


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There has been a lot of talk recently about what the boundaries of the Va. Beach CBD really are or will be. Needless to see, most of us estimated the CBD size on the low end of things. :lol:

First conceived in 1991 and updated/posted as recently as 11/15/05, this is waht the Beach really plans. :D


More to come, there is tons of information that I am going to try to weed through and post here in an orgsanized fashion. :thumbsup:

It gets better :D


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As said before, the eventual planned build-out of the CBD is far more expansive than any of us had even dreamed or realized.


Surely, that can't be VA Bch Blvd! :D

Surely it is. :)

Actually,I think that was the original planned mainstreet that actually used Pembroke mall as the centerpiece with a row of buildings leading away from it.

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I wished the city would have done what Norfolk did and when parcels came available they bought them themselves for future development.

Yeah, because now it's a lot harder to accomplish this, though from the rumors kicked around here recently they're making significant headway. I wonder what's going on with the Taco Bell property?

I believe we'll make it here one day though. :D:thumbsup:


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Notice the ramp going over independence blvd. and emptying out behind Pembroke mall on the last rendering? :D

I have having problems seeing that.. still looking though. :blink:

Notice that 2 of the towers are actually sitting in Pembroke malls parking lot? I wonder if they still plan that? :)

Good question. I have a lot of unanswered questions about future growth but so far I haven't heard back from anyone.

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I think it's a bit of a shame that we didn't end up with the procession towards pembroke mall with the park and rows of taller buildings. think it'd be a bit better than the retention pond they're trying to pass off as a "central park". still, this was very exciting to see, and i'm really hoping the rest of what's shown is followed pretty closely. did anyone noticed in the first image, on the left there's a "photo" of a light rail station? ::hopes for the best::

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I think it's a bit of a shame that we didn't end up with the procession towards pembroke mall with the park and rows of taller buildings.

As do I, that plan was quite ambitious and impressive and actually did a far better job of tying pembroke mall into the cbd than any plan thus far. But we do have a lot of impressive projects up and coming in all parts of the cbd, so they have met with some success in following this plan.

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The city seems to have kept in mind about light rail yet I wonder where they would actually build a station in Pembroke if LR were to be built.

I agree with vdogg about dick's because the garage would be right next to the station. However, I see the parking lot behind the 2-story retail/office on Columbus and Constitution as the best alternative since a passenger loading/unloading loop could be built between the building and the station platform. I don't believe the city will touch Central Park.

2 more things about this CBD vision:

1) Not only do they have the Indepdence to Jeanne flyover, but the rendering shows the long planned Constitution to Edwin connector that's designed to relieve congestion on Independence and dump the load on Princess Anne via Baxter.

2) All these high-rises would not be possible without the Green Line. By limiting land available for horizontal growth, economics dictates that developers have to build up for a project to become feasible.

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