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Zeitlin launches Nashville urban living unit


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There are several other real estate firms here in town that are focusing on the urban core living. I think it is great that this is happening and shows that the momentum is not slowing down and in fact increasing. There will be more viable projects in the downtown core in the future and at the rate the Metro is growing, I would bet this will keep on going on for the next 10 years or so, maybe more. Hopefully the economy will not crap out, and even if it does there will be pockets of growth in the nation that will be somewhat immune to the slowdown and I think Nashville will be one of those areas due to the lower cost of doing business here and the central location of the area.

I think that due to the interest in the Urban core, you will see more projects in northern Davidson county take off in the near future as well. Its just about 15 minutes to Bells bend and I am sure that will get approved. Maybe the trend will slow down in the burbs some due to rising gas prices and people will come to their senses and move back closer to town .. It was discussed a the meet Saturday that a lot of baby boomers/empty nesters are looking to move to the urban core and I think there will be a lot of marketing toward that crowd.

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More development north of DT will be nice to see. There is something like 300-400 townhouses going in around Trinity Lane (West). The renderings I've seen look nice... modern.

I don't know much about that area, but the huge shopping center on Dickerson Rd. (did they rename it Skyline yet?) at Briley Expy will fuel a lot of housing in that vicinity. It's logical that the area will start to fill up.

The linked article about Zeitlin refers to more urban projects in the pipeline. Damn, I've got to get up there soon. Still want to see SoBro.

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The very fact that more realtors such as Zeitlen are gearing up to show more urban properties in the Nashville area will only add "more fuel to the fire" and continue this wonderful move to more urban living. People that might not at first have considered living downtown or closer to downtown will see an ever increasing array of housing options, and many will find themselves very attracted to them. I see this trend only accelerating at least for the near future.

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I will give you an idea of a few projects going in on the north end. Most of these are right off of Briley.

I don't know the name of it but there are several hundred homes being built right off Briley at Whites Creek.

The Trinity Lane project of course

There is another one in conjunction with the Victory Church just off of Briley and Clarksville Pike @ Kings Lane.

Another is Eatons Creek just off Ashland City HWY @ Briley.

There is another planned off of Whites Creek as well, I do not remember who is doing it but was going to be a good size.

Many of these homes are affordable homes in the low to mid hundreds.

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