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Tulsa's river and Riverparks


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The thread on the great plans in OKC for the "Oklahoma" river reminded me that I have never seen any of Tulsa's plans for the Arkansas River posted here.

Tulsa has a huge and mature park system along the river. Here is the website for what Tulsa calls Riverparks.


Tulsa has completed a study on how to expand and improve on what Riverparks has done for not just the city but the entire metro area. The study encompases the entire length of the Arkansas River in Tulsa County. The first projects that will be done are to expand and further develop the area around the existing low water dam at 31st st and to build two new low water dams, one in Sand Springs and the other at about 111th St.


There has been a lot of private development on the river lately too. The area around 96th St in Jenks and Tulsa on the river is booming. The new Oklahoma Aquarium is a great attraction, the upscale Riverwalk Crossing Shopping Center is there too. Across the river in Tulsa The Creek Nation has a $120 million casino and hotel complex under construction as is the new Kings Landing center. A new hotel as opened in this area and a second one is planned. Bell's Amusement Park is planning on moving next to the Aquarium right on the river. This area is getting one of the two new low water dams so water taxis will be able to move people around this part of the river/

city of Jenks

Riverwalk Crossing

Kings Landing

Creek Nation Casinohttp://www.creeknationcasino.com/tulsa/

Also there is a Route 66 museum planned for the river near downtown


And a Native American Cultural Center


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