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Ft. Gordon


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Housing units on Ft. Gordon are about to get a facelift. Ft. Gordon is turning over it's ownership of the housing on post to a private company. That company will be responsible for building new homes and renovating existing homes. Here's the story.

Full Story

GMH Military Housing, the firm that is taking over the housing on post, has officially begun work on improving the housing community. Here's the full article.

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Who knew the communication center of the united states Ft. Gordon, GA was getting so big

intelligence facility under construction at more than $300 million, is the largest Fort Gordon project

GMH Military Housing has will invest more than $110 million during the full five-year development period.

law enforcement center ($4.5 million) and a communications R&D center ($5.9 million).

$93 million student barracks replacement project scheduled for 2013. Another training need is a new weapons qualification range, currently projected for 2013 at $10.5 million.

new child care center ($7.8 million in 2008), religious education center ($9.6 million in 2013), new bowling center ($10.4 million in 2011) and over $2 million in improvements to the facilities at Pointes West, the Fort Gordon recreation center at Thurmond Lake.


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Construction on a $340 million, 500,000-square-foot National Security Agency/Central Security Service Georgia facility is under way and expected to be completed in 2010. It will bring as many as 1,000 more jobs.

Another project under construction is the $5.7 million Battle Command Battle Laboratory.

Fort Gordon

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Training firm moves closer to Fort Gordon

RLM Communications Inc., is in the right spot for growth. The Fayetteville, N.C.-based training and communications firm christened its new office Friday. The company has been in Augusta since July, setting up shop in a temporary location on Wheeler Road before moving to Madeline Drive off Jimmie Dyess Parkway.

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Fort Gordon, Microsoft sign deal

Microsoft Corp. and Fort Gordon officials signed an agreement Tuesday at Fort Gordon's Conrad Hall to make the Signal Center a Microsoft IT Academy.

You are our biggest customer in the world, and now you are going to be the largest IT Academy," said Brian Roach, the general manager of Microsoft's Department of Defense district.

The other IT Academies graduate about 100 students per year. About 2,500 will graduate annually through Fort Gordon's, making it the largest in terms of student population.

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This is article that talks about how five years ago. Fort gordon could have been closed due to brac. But now with several new goverment projects. There is no chance of that happening.

An eight-year, $365 million project will renovate 18 of the fort's 40-year-old barracks. Four dining facilities, four battalion headquarters, a brigade headquarters and eight administrative buildings also will undergo renovation.

$49 million Warrior Transition Battalion campus slated for construction next year, and the continued upgrades to the fort's party barracks, and we're looking at $400 million being infused into the local economy over the next eight years.

National Security Agency's communications center -- a $340 million project expected to employ up to 4,000 people by 2012.

Last August, the $5.7 million Battle Command Battle Laboratory was completed, a facility in which new communication concepts and systems are tested. And $110 million worth of work is still going on to renovate and build 877 on-base homes for military families.

Fort Gordon has 16,000 military personnel, and an attendant 5,600 civilian employees and contract workers. It's the CSRA's biggest employer, easily.


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