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Plans sought for cultural district residential


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Chucka and Gerbil, thanks for those links, Gerbil I had forgotten about the West End Bridge ped project, glad to see that is still underway.

As for the cultural district this is really becoming an "it" destination for the city. Not a moment to soon either, I would love to have those cranes building things across from the ASG this summer, shows that Pittsburgh is progressing!

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I doubt they will get started on this project by summer, but you never know.

I do hope that qwhen we host the ASG, all of these plans are made known. That includes the ongoing North Shore development, the T extension, this cultural district plan, etc. The next best thing to having visitors see cranes is the sky is to have them know that there WILL be cranes in the sky soon.

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The cultural trust will narrow the field of 4 teams to the winner in May. So a at least a rough outline of the plan should be known by the ASG. Construction will be a very long shot. It would be nice to at least have some demolition and big construction screens with the plans posted on them to be up on Penn Ave. There will be alot of pedestrian traffic between the convention center and PNC Park.

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