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Advice for Atlanta Visit


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You can get varying answers - so be honest. What type of criteria in a neighborhood are you interested in? What do you think you'll be able to afford? How thick is your skin - if you've never lived in a place that has had little crime, the typical Atlanta petty crime may come as a shock in certain areas.

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I would recommend that you stay at the Highland Inn on Highland Ave. It's small (Euro-Pension-Hostel like). That means cheap but clean. It's in a good area and centrally located for exploring the city and some of its better hoods.

Ponce De Leon Ave is our central ave if you live in town. If you live almost anywhere else in the city, Peachtree is the main ave. Ponce has the stores that locals need. Peachtree has the looks that tourist may want. If you're moving here you want to think like a local, so go Ponce.

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