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Where will the hot spot for spring break be this year in Fla?


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However, I would bypass the typical spots and go to Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. Why waste time in small town beach communities isolated from civilization.

As a second choice, go to Daytona. Its revived a bit from the '90's decline. Plus, you can fly into MCO for cheap. It's less than an hour away from there.

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u can have fun in any of these places during spring break:


Panama City Beach


Jacksonville beach

Daytona Beach


West Palm

Ft Lauderdale

South Beach

the Keys

and everywhere in between

I'm surprised to see Tally on the list! But you can have fun here for the break this is tru.

I'm thinking the winner will likely be Panama City or Daytona this year.

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Don't ya guys who live down there hate this part of the year (spring break season)? I know I avoid the coast at all costs during the spring and I'm in college. :)

Like you, moonshield, I would try to avoid the beach areas during peak seasons because I'm the type that likes to enjoy things without all of the traffic and confusion. That's why I plan to make a little extra money over the break! :D

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BRING ON THE TOURISTS, i personally love it.....except for the traffic, spring break is truly an event. I am a college student too but i also wanna party...and trust me, I'm gonna party like theres no tomorrow. The other thing i love about Spring Break is that it is the official start of tourist season so from March to October, i'll be making serious BANK.

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HA! THe Burger King! That's great! I love it Moonshield!!!

In Daytona, there are a lot of bridges to get you to the beachside, and non-beach roads to get you N/S to avoid the heavy traffic and still allow you to squirt in and out at will with little delay. You just gotta know your way around.

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MTV enhanced the Spring Break events in Panama City and Ft. Walton-Destin since their showing in 1996 and 1997. and again when E and the Travel Channel showcased the area in 2000 and 2003. So all in all the area is doing pretty well in bringing in the college kids.

The reason why Panama City Beach officials are in fact trying to clamp down on the rowdiness is because they are trying to change their image more so towards families...much like Destin has, hence the incredible redevelopment plan of the entire stretch of beach as soon as you enter Bay County from the west. Last i counted, they had over 30 condos (20 to 32 floors) u/c and more down the pipe being proposed. There are many retail shops and a new mall in the works for PCB.

The whole city will be completely transformed from a basically, rundown, cheesy, 1986, beach town to a cleaner more sophisticated atmosphere while still catering to the college crowd but aimed towards the family of four.

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Daytona has been trying to shake the Spring Break stigma for years.

Daytona is now trying to shake BCR; I believe they told BET not to come this year-- I think BET is in SoFLa instead. And regarding Bike Week, the move of Harley's signature store to US 1 in Ormond has shifted the epicenter of Bike Week to I-95 north of town, instead of Main St. downtown beachside.

Daytona and MTV broke ties in the early '90's in an attempt to try to begin the transformation; however not untill recently has the redevelopment begun on a wide scale:

-A1A redevelopment-- FDOT's project-- they said its the largest redo of a state road of this kind in Fla history;

-BEachfront condo projects--Daytona has had the 20+ story condo towers peppering A1A since the early seventies, and has had more than twenty 20+ story towers since the late eighties, with a few more built since then.

-However, not only are there 30 projects presently U/C or at the lot-clearing stage along A1A, but now they are building them on the other side of A1A, and on the mainland along the intracoastal waterway with marinas in downtown DB, South Daytona, and Holly Hill of all places. (there have always been condos on the intracoastal with marinas, but not on the mainland side)

-THey also built a new 3-story state-of-the-art PAC downtown (News-Journal Center) which will be a catalyst for new downtown development like Miami's was (only on a much smaller scale). THe Ocean Center Convention Center is also expanding to over 250,000 ft2 on the beach.

-Daytona's even got a latest proposal for a 42 story hotel, The Grande, at 420 ft., to anchor the geographic center of this new development where the 4 main bridges hit A1A (there's 6 total).

-This, coupled with a new industrial park along I-95; new class-A office park at LPGA Blvd., where the new Halifax Medical Center campus is also going; and new bldgs at DBCC.


Since the Spring Break decline, the major construction or expansions in Daytona were decent new condo numbers outside of Daytona's city limits, except for the Hilton replacing the Adam's Mark & Fairfield Ocean Walk Resort w/ the new retail & movie theatre complex; revamping of the 6-department store Volusia Mall; expansion and renovation at Day. Intl. Speedway; new construction at Bethune-Cookman (PAC), new dorms at Embry-Riddle with new campus bldgs; the new italian villiage PUD off SR 44 in NSB; new golf PUD's; new marina/condo/townehome communities in Ponce Inlet; and new retail plazas on ISB and in Port Orange and Ormond Beach.

For a former leading Spring Break destination, Daytona was always a city first, with decent urban density along the key and the mainland, but always trying to deal with the dichotomy of being an events town, with being a regular town. I think the decline of spring break and hurricane's Charley and Francis helped kick-start alot of the new development beachside. The rest of the development is a result of the population explosion of West Volusia (roughly 200,000+) due to the Orlandoization of Central Florida.

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True, but Panama City officials are trying to clamp down on the rowdiness of Spring Break. It has something to do with all the trash, fights and sometimes; shootings.

I made it out to PCB this year and its amazing how its transforming with the huge condos being built, however this year seemed to be better than the last few years in terms of drunk people hanging out and fighting and all that good stuff. After going the last few years I almost decided to go else where because I thought PCB was falling off as a springbreak hot spot but I was proven wrong this year. It was jumping. Maybe not as much as the late 90's but it was up from the last few years.

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probably a dead issue by now, but local news was stating this am, that 3 years ago, Daytona had over 400K spring breakers. That's when they began to cut advertising for spring break. this year, only a fraction came to DB. there's almost a direct correlation.

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