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Favorite Local Peaks?


What's your favorite local peak?  

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    • Kennesaw Mountain
    • Sweat Mountain
    • Stone Mountain
    • Panola Mountain
    • Arabia Mountain
    • Mount Wilkinson
    • Lost Mountain
    • Red Top Mountain
    • Soapstone Ridge
    • Pine Log Mountain

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I know this is off-topic for an urban message board but considering the Atlanta area is blessed with many of them which is your favorite local peak/mountain or ridge? I listed some of the well know ones above. My favorite is Kennesaw Mountain, it's got not one but two peaks and is the highest in the area.

Atlanta's Top 6 (in feet)

Kennesaw Mountain - 1808

Sweat Mountain - 1688

Stone Mountain - 1683

Little Kennesaw Mountain - 1600

Panola Mountain - 940

Arabia Mountain - 940

Kennesaw Mountain


Little Kennesaw


Sweat Mountain


Stone Mountain


Lost Mountain


Red Top Mountain


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Vote for Kennesaw Chap. It's taller and it hasn't been disney-fied by the State of Georgia. :D

You've got a point. It has done a very good job at keeping itself historically intact and popular without selling itself out. Not to mention the fact that the trees covering it provide excellent shade (something Stone Mountain lacks) for those hikes during the "dog days" of summer.

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Add me to the Kennesaw List. Great view, but you have to go up in Winter or Early Spring to see that kind of view. Summertime is the worst, the Smog and pollution block the view south and East.

I know this is local, but one of the best peaks is Fort Mountain at the edge of the Cohutta Mountains. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Dalton, and clear into the mountains of Tennessee.

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