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I think when the project is complete it will look substantially better as a structure and with-in the skyline than the rendering might suggest. I think its a bold project and I applaud the developer for pursuing it in face of criticism from many quarters in regards to its design. It may end up looking horrible, but at this point I think we will have to with-hold judgement until the project is complete and its impact and breadth can be taken into consideration.

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Oh God. I stumbled onto this thread by mistake. I don't mean to offend but this project redefines UGLY. It does not fit in with Louisville's beautiful skyline, their is no interplay between this building(s) and it's surroundings, nothing to draw in foot traffic and the pedestrian....and it is just plain ugly...It looks like a european reject. I expect to see robots and George Jetson. Does no one in Louisville know about The Road to Abilene....

Any earthlings left in Louisville must :stop: this project!!

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According to a Courier-Journal article this month, Museum Plaza is on hold because of the financial crisis. The developers say they want to proceed with construction when (and if) they can secure financing for the $490 million project.

Looks pretty grim right now but if the developers can hang on for a few years it might happen.

Museum Plaza construction on hold awaiting financing

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Between this tower and Signature tower in Nashville, I think it's safe to say developers have been more cautious during the recent building boom than they were during the height of the 2007-2008 building boom.  It will be interesting to see how building proposals are affected (or not) by the next slow-down.

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