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got my corpse bride dvd


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I picked it up as an afterthought a few days ago. I hadn't seen it in the theater but I'm a big fan of Tim Burtons earlier movies. Wow is all I can say really. The animation in this movie completely blew me away. I can't believe they were able to make the stop motion as detailed as smooth as they did. I saw Curse of the Wererabbit earlier this year, and while a good movie, it looks primative in comparision to Corpse Bride. I just noticed the movie was nominated for an Academy Award. If any movie deserves it it should be Corpse Bride, the movie is flawless. Thanks for the link as well Hotdancer. I will try and send some friends e-cards when I get the chance.

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Dylan and I went the day it came out on dvd...we saw it in theatres, so knew it was great. We got the book that came with it as well...it was the same price as the one without. But overall an amazing movie! Tim Burton never fails me!

Oh cool I've seen different versions online but I've only seen the standard version locally. Thats the version I picked up anyways. I guess the only difference is cover art. Both have the same special features.

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