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This site is in Beta and is really amazing. www.dataplace.org Most of the data is still 2000 census stuff, but they have started to show data from 2003 tax returns (gross income, poverty, Earned Income Tax Credit, etc.) They also have some very interesting Mortgage Info from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act regarding subprime lending, conventional mortgages, and so on. They also have a ranking tool that compares your selected geography to others.

Here's our Area Ranking:

"Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland, MI Metro is a Metropolitan Area with total population of 1,088,514.

Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland, MI Metro has the 22nd highest Homeownership rate of any Metropolitan Area. It has the 47th lowest Poverty rate and the 10th highest Pct. of establishments in manufacturing. It ranks 17th lowest on Pct. employment in other services. It ranks 19th highest on Pct. employment in manufacturing. It ranks 6th highest on Establishments in manufacturing per 1,000 population."

Share some unusual rankings that you found?


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Some fuel for the GRPS discussion board:

www.dataplace.org ranking

A Forest Hills ZipCode:

"49301 is a Zip Code in Kent County, MI with total population of 10,122.

49301 ranks 5th highest on Average nonfamily income ($) of any Zip Code in Michigan. It ranks 10th highest on Average amount of salary income. It has the 12th highest Average Adjusted Gross Income. It ranks 36th lowest on Poverty rate. It has the 18th highest Average family income ($). It ranks 11th highest on Average household income last yr ($)."

And a City of Grand Rapids Zipcode:

"49503 is a Zip Code in Kent County, MI with total population of 34,141.

49503 ranks 32nd lowest on Median age of any Zip Code in Michigan. It ranks 27th lowest on Homeownership rate and 15th highest on Pct. Hispanic/Latino population. It ranks 23rd highest on Pct. nonfamily households. It ranks 55th highest on Poverty rate. It has the 7th highest Pct. housing units in structures with 2 to 4 units."

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