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Its the little details


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Downtown Winston recently welcomed two new businesses that opened up in the Arts District. KO Fitness operated by Ken O'Neal specialises in personal training but also provides general fitness. Also, there is a new late night coffee shop, Elliott's Revue owned and operated by Vicki Moore who also runs the Silver Moon Saloon. Its business hours are strictly for the night owls from 7pm to noon Wednesday through Sunday. It has become quite popular in the one month it has been opened as one of its drawing features is having live music in whatever form starting around 2 am.

In themselves, these establishments will only offer a few jobs and a little in taxes for the city but they provide much more I think which outweighs their immediate contribution to the city and specifically downtown. As more people move downtown to live, many will seek out locations for workout routines. Some will invariably go to the YWCA in the West End or the new one being built in the Gateway development. Many would like to have one in walking distance and this new fitness center helps address that need. Likewise, one thing about a viable city, is its ability to be a 24 hour city. and given that there are a lot of people who finish their work in the dead of night but do not want to go home just yet, Elliot's does provide an outlet for them to unwind. Chelsee's coffee shop is nearby and they do overlap in hours but they do serve two different markets and should not really compete with each other.

So these places in their own way help diversify the offerings of what downtown Winston provides. It makes downtown a bit more rounded and makes downtown living a bit more attractive.

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speaking of little things... whats going on with the West 7th Street condos at the corner of Chestnut? it was proposed to have 17 units and underground parking. anybody know?


Park building gets another tenant.


I am not sure, but the developer of this project has not done a very good job at marketing these lofts.

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