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Fort Benning Housing Project


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Clark Pinnacle, a joint venture between Clark Realty of Bethesda, Md., and Pinnacle, an American Management Services Company is overseeing the project. Construction it set to begin March 22. The project will costs $600 million over 10 years. The Benning portion of the projects will see the demolishment of 2,110 homes, the construction of 2,377 new homes and the renovation of 1,560 historic and non-historic homes. Clark Pinnacle will continue to manage an in-state inventory of 4,200 homes throughout the remaining 40 years of the project.

One new housing area will be a 335-acre site west of Sand Hill to be called Patton Village. With the arrival of the Armor School and Armor Center, that area will be named after General Patton. It will be an 800-home complex with all the streets to be named after Armor units and famous Armor battles.

Neighborhood amenities such as village centers, pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic shelters and fitness trails are also on the drawing board.

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