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Residents: Keep money close to home


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Reginald Beal of Detroit boards a SMART bus. Communities that aren't served by SMART don't have to pay a tax for it. A recent countywide poll showed that most taxpayers don't want to fund regional programs such as a larger bus system.


Bus rider Roosevelt Moore says of the Metro area, "They need a transit system, like Atlanta or any big city."

Oakland County survey results

More than 1,200 Oakland County residents responded to an informal survey the Board of Commissioners mailed to residents in December. The survey, the first of its kind, sought opinions on county issues such as mass transit, tax ratings and funding for the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit. Here are the results.

Q: Should Oakland County support the 2006 Super Bowl with county tax money?

A: 80 percent said no.

Q.Should Oakland County support a countywide millage for regional mass transit?

A.61 percent said no.

Q.Are you aware that Oakland County has the third-lowest tax rate of all 83 counties in Michigan?

A.77 percent said they did not know the county's ranking.

Q.Have you or someone in your family used the Oakland County Family Prescription Discount Drug Program?

A.88 percent said they had not used the program, but many respondents asked for more information on the program. Information is available on the county's Web site at: www.co.oakland.mi.us/ npa/index.html.

Source: Oakland County Board of Commissioners

Residents: Keep money close to home

They don't want to pay for Super Bowl, regional transit

By Amy Lee / The Detroit News

Daniel Mears / The Detroit News

When it comes to putting up cash to pay for regional improvements, Oakland County taxpayers are clear: Money raised here should stay here.

About 1,200 county residents recently responded to an informal written survey included in the county

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