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There's lots and lots of affordable housing in Miami

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Wow, that's an interesting map! Thanks for posting it!

You know, with all these insanely expensive condos being built in the middle of downtown, I wonder if it will change from white to green eventually. ;)

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Of course, whether you or I would want to live in one of these "light blue" areas is up for debate.


Those numbers must be from the property appraisers office, and reflect the low appreciation of homesteaded housing. Trust me, I'm a real estate agent, and there is NO over abundance of housing in the 200,000's, especially for a single family. I recently had a client looking for an APARTMENT in Carol City in the 700-900 dollar range for a ONE bedroom... guess what... it DIDN'T EXIST. 1200 was about the cheapest we could find.

You can go to the absolute worst areas in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and you can't touch a house for under about 250,000-300,000. Sad but true. A single family house under 200,000 doesn't even exist any more. All that may be changing soon though... All the business I come across is people wanting to GET OUT OF HERE, and there is no great influx like there used to be. Be prepared for very strange things to start happening in our market very soon.

P.S. It shows my area of town as being less than 200,000! HA! 5 years ago! NOTHING in my area sells for under 300,000 and most of it sells in the mid 300,000's. The map doesn't reflect reality.

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