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An apology: My photos are gone


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Sorry but most of my photos that I've posted here the last few months are gone. A few are still visible but I'm not sure which, I didn't go back to all the threads to check. I'm in the process of setting up a new website and I needed to seperate my punk rock stuff from everything else. Also I've been finding my photos on other websites so I'm going to be watermarking my photos from now on. That happens mostly with my live band photos. I know the nature of the web and I don't have a problem with people using my stuff as long as they attribute it to me and don't try to claim it as their own. Most of my stuff that I post on the internet I use a Creative Commons license for.

Once the new site is ready I'll put a link in my sig so at least people can go there and find the missing photos.

Looks like some active threads here since I last checked in. I'll try to catch up soon. Been crazy busy this week.

Again I apologize for the deleted photos,


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