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Can Kerry beat Bush"


can Kerry beat Bush  

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Guest donaltopablo

I agree with Scott. I believe he can beat Bush, but the question is will the average moderate and undecided voter come out and support him. There are a significant number of voters out there who are not registered Democrats or Republicans, so they aren't voting in the primaries, and don't necessarily have any ties to Bush. How will they be voting in Nov?

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There is a chance. However, like Scott said, we still have several months to go before we can see the real momentum behind either candidate. Lots of things can happen to change people's minds, especially voters like me, who are not affiliated with ANY party. It also depends on how much "dirt" Kerry has and how much the Republicans will use it against him. If something major takes place between now and the election (e.g. capture of Usama Bin Landen, big turn on the economy), Kerry's chances will become smaller and smaller. Quite frankly, the whole National Guard-related "game" against Bush doesn't do much for me. If that's Kerry's "secret weapon" then I do not see how he can win the elections. Hopefully, we'll see more focus on the [real] issues and less on someone's civilian/personal life a few decades ago. That goes for both sides, of course.

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I don't think the National Guard issue can be so simply disregarded, obviously the President is taking it seriously. The fact that we have so many troops around the world right now, who vote, make this a big issue. Kerry actually served in Vietnam and was actually wounded, Bush may not have even served his full National Guard commitment. This is important to veterans and to people currently serving. People who are in the middle and undecided (most people it would seem) could latch onto this.

The electorate being so divided means that every little thing has the possibility to flip someones preference.

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There will be a great deal of skeletons revealed from Kerry's closet if he wins the nomination, (which it looks like he will). Bush's skeletons from his past have been outed in the first election, but will his recent stance on many subjects force otherwise supporters to vote for the lesser of two evils?

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I'll have to say at this point I'm undecided. I think Bush has done well to revive an economy that was destroyed by 9/11. Remember, John Kerry was one of the ones who voted to go to war against Iraq as well. He's in the same boat as Bush is - however now that he wants to change his tune makes me cringe thinking about what other things he'll waver on when the sitation is convenient to him.

As always though, I'll watch the debates and read more about Kerry before I ask myself the question, "will my family and I be better off with Kerry as president?" I have 3 children and a wife to support in this economy... are the democrats going to raise my taxes and give it to some inner city youth to raise her crack baby, or are the Republicans going to make it hard for me to find a new job, and make things a little tougher in general? I can't afford for money that I need to support my family to go to support children who's parents don't have the decency to love them, support them, and raise them right. My children deserve that money because their father cares enough about them to work.

I think it's way too easy for people to blame things on President Bush at the moment. I don't think he's been given credit for some of the things he's accomplished in a relative short time-span. The dot com "firesale" was not Bush's fault, 9/11 (arguably) was not Bush's fault, but he's held people accountable and has at least sought to put an end to terrorism before it's become an epidemic -- something that his predecessor declined to do when given the same opportunity, and something that could have saved thousands of lives.

I'd rather error on the side of conservatism than liberalism; at least when it comes to my family and it's well-being.

At least, that is my opinion right now. I'm at least leaving the door open for the possibility of being swayed to support Kerry or whomever is the Democratic candidate.

Do I sound like an ass?

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Manchvegas Dogg, I don't think that bthomas talked about the healthy people who need financial help... I believe he referred to some crack-heads, who use public money to feed their addictions. I have seen that both in New York and here, in North Carolina. This is one of the many areas where we should all be united. Yes, to assisting the needy; no to public assistance for people who simply refuse to try become better citizens.

bthomas, I agree with your evaluation of things... Kerry hasn't given me ANY reason to vote for him. With a new scandal waiting to become a major issue, I do not see how the Democrats can talk against Bush's National Guard issue. Actually, I can't wait until both sides shut up and focus on real issues, before the day to vote comes, or better, before either Bush or Kerry open their mouths publicly, during the debates. I want a commitment from both candidates that they will concentrate on the real problems this country has been facing during the last 5 years. No BS, just the facts and real commitments. If they cannot handle this, then they should both step down and let others run the show. Does anyone remember how well the VP candidates handled their debate? Most people enjoyed that more than the presidential debate, if my memory serves well. There are good people out there... I can't wait until I see them stepping up, some day.

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Of course there are the people out there that the government agencies actually help, but at what expense? Example, the head start program. It was a good idea, but now it's nothing more than a day care center subsidised by the government where little to no learning is taking place. What it does serve as, and I thank God for this, is a SAFE place for these children to go -

We've got our priorities out of whack in this world now days... instead of calling a spade a spade, we dance aound the issue and say "it's not a heart", fearing people would be offended stairing the truth in the face.

I think the biggest problem in this country is our attitudes. Collectively we need to get our heads out of our asses and take accountability for our actions and pride in ourselves and our work. Then maybe we'll start making this country what it should be.

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It is unfortunate, bthomas, but there are A LOT of things that need to change from their foundation. It is funny when I encounter people who consider themselves "progressive", or liberal, yet thet bash others and don't want to recognize that every human being is different, in more than one way. OK, we all have our likes and dislikes, but some of us [at least] try to learn something more and live with others in harmony. One of the many things that I dislike is the word "tolerance" when used about the relations among people with conflicting differences. In my mind, the word "tolerance" is associated with suppressing your own feelings, just to be politically correct. I am sorry, but tolerance won't change anyone's attitude, nor will it help our society live in harmony. What needs to be done, in my opinion, is promote understanding. If I don't like something (or someone) don't try to change me... Give me a little background and let me understand how that thing (or that person) came to existence and why it is necessary to co-exist.

Our system has done a great job suppressing people and less to help us see each other as human beings, having the same needs and facing the same issues. What difference does it make if two people have a terminal disease and they have different height, hair color, etc.? They are both on the same boat... During 9/11 we discovered more than one way to feel united and come together. I remember people lined up for hours in the hospital, just to give blood for those injured during the terrorist attacks; I am sure you all have nice stories to share. What is this that's required to ensure that we all remember the togetherness we felt during those days? I remember the euphoria and overconfidence people felt until 1999, when nothing mattered and the SUV culture took over. It was the 90's when sprawl reached all-time high's; it was the 90's when we all felt too confident about ourselves and the pseudo-prosperity our leaders made us believe in.

Whoever becomes the president of this country needs to take a good look into the past and make some serious decisions concerning the future directions. Efforts for peaceful co-existence with other countries is not enough, unless the other countries agree to take the necessary measures to ensure the same guidelines for their own policies. Whoever wins the presidency needs to focus on jobs remaining in the United States, and bring [true] economic prosperity to our own country. He needs to ensure that the young people have enough reasons to educate themselves... and I am not talking about academic education only. The role models need be found in real life, not in Hollywood and in Sports, where the main characters make and waste millions of dollars every year, without purpose or reason. Could someone tell me why an actress needs to have a $500 hairstyle every day? If this is what inspires the younger generations, then we are in serious trouble. Sure, I always support [morally] great athletes, who work hard to promote healthy bodies and competitive minds, but I can't say the same for young [insert your favorite sport here] stars, who live a questionable life, get convicted and end up doing time in jail for stupid reasons. Our society has a serious problem and so far, neither candidate has addressed the real issues. Bush has at least touched the VERY important problem with terrorist activities towards US targets, but I expect more from him. Kerry needs to focus and stop giving me pseudo-rhetoric crap; no need for attacks against Bush... just tell me what I've been waiting to hear and you'll get my vote, otherwise I'll have to vote for the another guy... or even stay home and not vote for anyone.

Our society needs a serious wake-up call... and I am included, too :(

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