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Snow in DC... Finally!


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Finally snow! I was so happy to see snow that I thought I'd head out and get some shots of my neighborhood in the snow. I live in Silver Spring, which basically anchors the north end of the Georgia Ave and 16th Street corridors, just across the DC line inside the beltway. The last outpost before Maryland suburbia :). Silver Spring is transitioning itself into a "uptown" type area, but there is still a good mix of old/new and independant/corporate and the diverse mix of people is great. Hope you enjoy the photos.

:angry::angry::angry: I GIVE UP! Okay, I just spent about half an hour labeling and trying to get all of my images in here, then when I go to post... "too many images." Ok, ok, I understand, I take out a few images then try again... "Sorry, dynamic pages in the %7Boption%7D tags are not allowed". What the **** does that even mean?! Either I've gotten really stupid or this board used to be so much easier and user friendly. Gone are those days I suppose. Anyway, instead of just giving up I'll post a link to the site where I have them hosted. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Photos Here!

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Aww. :cry: I miss the days of watching my back while walking down Georgia Ave NW at night :)

Georgia Ave is still probably just as shady as it was when you were here; however, the north end and in Silver Spring really isn't all that bad. In a decade it will probably be an upscale thoroughfare given how quickly the area is booming with the convention center and shaw anchoring the south end, Columbia Heights in the middle, and Silver Spring at the north end. Also, depending on what they do with the Walter Reed site, that could really help improve the street as well.

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