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Memphis Snow Photos


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I thought y'all might like some pictures of downtown Memphis in the snow so I finally signed up to post to the forum. These were taken Friday afternoon and evening as I walked around with my very patient and cold wife. Sorry some of them are blury, I had trouble keeping my hands from shaking because of the cold!


The Arcade at Main and GE Patterson


Looking at the Lorraine Motel and National Civil Rights Museum from Main


A trolley on S Main


Houses when entering South Bluffs


Fountain in South Bluffs


We tried to get pictures from the Peabody rooftop but the door was locked. Forgot to check for "footprints" in the snow from the ducks


Autozone park


Looking South on Main at Union


Tom Lee Park from on top of the bluff over Riverside drive


Ernestine & Hazels at Main and GE Patterson


Lorraine Motel from the side


Another picture of a trolley on South Main


The Old Tennessee Brewery


Some more houses just inside South Bluffs


A few houses on top of the bluff over Riverside Drive


One of the newer houses built on top of the bluff


A statue of Elvis outside the MLGW headquarters on Beale


Beale St during a short let up from the snow


Looking North over Court Square from the rooftop of the Madison hotel


Looking over the Mississippi from the rooftop of the Madison. You can barely make out the monorail to Mud Island and some of the lights on The Hernando Desoto Bridge.


Court Square from Main


Looking down Beale from Second


FedEx Forum


Another view of FedEx Forum

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Welcome to the forum mrwest!!!!

Awesome and unique pics!! Snow and Memphis are not things usually associated, little less documented on film and shown on the forum! Really great work. Enjoyed them all.

I really like the trolley shots and the shots from the top of the Madison.

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Great pics, thanks! Don't know how I overlooked this thread.

I really liked the Madison shot, and this one:


I think it's really too bad though that SouthBluffs is a gated community, downtown no less. That fountain and those little street parks could be wonderful public spaces.

I understand of course that SouthBluffs was developed in the early 90's when living downtown was viewed as more pioneering than today. I suspect that if the project was being done nowadays, it wouldn't be gated.

BTW--in Albert Lea Minnesota, it's presently minus 5 with a windchill of minus 28. Made for some rough shoveling this morning. :lol:

Once in my life, though, I did see it colder than that in Memphis believe it or not.

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