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Trivia: What counties lost population 1940-2000?


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I'm assuming that this means that between 1940 and 2000, nine counties have had a net population loss. Here are my guesses:










I would attest most of the counties reside in the Pee Dee and between Aiken and Hardeeville.

That pretty much identifys krazeeboi's list.

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OK, here is the official data from SC Iway. I named a few of them as did everyone else.

Abbeville County 1920 0.96 x 40

Bamberg County 1900 0.96 x 41

Calhoun County 1910 0.91 x 42

Fairfield County 1900 0.80 x 43

Lee County 1910 0.79 x 44

Allendale County 1920 0.70 x 45

McCormick County 1920 0.61 x 46

the percentage is the percentage of 1900's population that remained in 2000. McCormick sure lost a big chunk.


Here are the top 5:

Horry County 1900 8.42 x 1

Greenville County 1900 7.10 x 2

Richland County 1900 7.03 x 3

Lexington County 1910 6.74 x 4

Dorchester County 1900 5.92 x 5

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One of the saddest and most desperate counties that I have ever seen in SC, is Williamsburg country. I have driven through this county a number of times and it is a depressing place. It's county seat, Hemmingway, is a dying town that is slowly becoming a ghost town. It's amazing that its neighboring counties, Georgetown & Horry are some of the fastest growing in the state.

I predict that one day, Williamsburg will become close to uninhabited. There are 37K people there now, and the county has lost another 1800 in the last 4 years. 11.6% in just 4 years! This is the biggest percentage and numerical loss in the state.

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Yeah Kingstree is the county seat in Williamsburg. The county is definately hurting economically... but it doesn't have very many people soyou ahve to keep in perspective. Kingstree itself is a nice little town. 52 doesn't completely ruin it. There are some great neighborhoods down there, and the downtown area is kinda nice. Its more reflective of the agricultural heritage that SC has.

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Here is the answer:

Name, 1940 pop, 2000 pop

Allendale - 13,040;11,211

Bamberg - 18,643;16,658

Calhoun - 16,229;15,185

Fairfield - 24,187;23,454

Lee - 24,908;20,119

Marlboro - 33,281;28,818

McCormick - 10,357;9,958

Union - 31,360;29,881

Williamsburg - 41,011;37,217

Narrowly missing this list...

Chester - 32,579;34,068

Clarendon - 31,500;32,502

Dillon - 29,625;30,772

Saluda - 17,192;19,181

Largest Counties in 1940:

Greenville - 136,580

Spartanburg - 127,733

Charleston - 121,105

Richland - 104,843

Anderson - 88,712

Florence - 70,582

Orangeburg - 63,607

York - 58,663

Sumter - 52,653

Horry - 51,951

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