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Immigrants Admitted and More Stats AK, HI, etc.


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Updated: July 2006

Here are some little graphical illustrations i put together out of boredom :D Keep in mind there's some missing or undisclosed data but i'd tried my best to compile the info with the data that i've found. Anyway, there's a lot of interesting stuff here. Enjoy.

*Definition: Naturalization is the process whereby a person becomes a national of a nation, or a citizen of a country, other than the one of his birth.

Alaska Naturalizations


*Immigrants representing over 139 countries were naturalized in Alaska during the years 2002-2005.

Hawai'i Naturalizations


*Immigrants representing over 146 countries were naturalized in Hawaii during the years 2002-2005.

Honolulu Naturalizations


*Immigrants representing over 143 countries were naturalized in Honolulu during the years 2002-2005.

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Here's an update with 2005 included! This is only for legal immigrants admitted. I will add data for naturalizations when it becomes available.

Note: Also, in the case of Hawaii there's no annual data for immigrants that move there from the Marshall Islands, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, etc all of which equal a significant amount of the newly arrived immigrants. All those extra sources combined probably average at least or over a 1,000 per year.

Hawaii Legal Immigrant Admissions 2002-2005


The state received immigrants from approximately 154 countries during fiscal years 2002-2005.

Hawaii Legal Immigrant Admissions 2002-2005 with partial data (2002-mid-2003) including 'freely' associated state immigrants from Marshall Islands Islands, Palau and Federated States of Micronesia


Honolulu Legal Immigrant Admissions 2002-2005 - Updated Oct. 06


The city received immigrants from approximately 143 countries during fiscal years 2002-2005.

Alaska Legal Immigrant Admissions 2002-2005


The state received immigrants from approximately 142 countries during fiscal years 2002-2005.

San Juan Legal Immigrant Admissions 2002-2005


The city received immigrants from approximately 102 countries during fiscal years 2002-2005.

Hawaii Legal Immigrant Admissions 2005 Only


Honolulu Legal Immigrant Admissions 2005 Only


Alaska Legal Immigrant Admissions 2005 Only


Immigrants Admitted to various metros and municipalities in 2005


Source: US State Department

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According to the Pew Hispanic Center the Illegal Immigrant Population was ____ in 2004.

Hawaii: 30,000 [5,000] 500% increase, number in [ ] is the 1990 estimate. *It was estimated to be as high as 35,000 in 2005 by the Pew Hispanic Center.


Alaska: *under 10,000.

I don't have any estimates for Puerto Rico but i'd imagine that it's pretty huge especially those coming from places like the Dominican Republic which is also the largest source of it's annual legal immigrant admissions.

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More information related to this topic for Alaska and Hawaii:

According to FAIR or the "Federation for American Immigration Reform" the estimated foreign born population in 2005 were as follows:

Hawaii: 242,295 or 19% of the State's population up from 212,229 or 17.5% in 2000.

Alaska: 42,970 or 6.5% of the State's population up from 37,170 or 5.9% in 2000.

*I'm not sure if these numbers include the recent illegal immigrant populations and i doubt that they also include the large proportion of migrants from the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Palau in Hawaii of which are not U.S. Territories yet do not need Visas to settle, work, etc anywhere in the U.S.

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^Its actually been that way for a few decades now. Both Hawaii and Alaska have fairly similar immigrant patterns with the exception of the Eastern Europeans which Alaska has a large proportion moving there. The Filipino population in Hawaii will soon be the largest ethnic group and it will probably be the same for Alaska at some point at current growth rates. Both states are also seeing a growing number of illegals too. There are estimates of 30,000-40,000 in Hawaii now most of which are from Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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What is the reason for the surge in illegal immigration to Alaska and Hawaii and how do they get there????? These are very remote locations sooooooooo how do they do it???? What is the number one driving factor other than perceived better economic opportunities???? Are there THAT many jobs available in Alaska and Hawaii???

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In the case of Hawaii many fly into Canada then to Hawaii cause its easier to enter that way or through California then over to Hawaii. I'd imagine that its a similar situation for Alaska. In Alaska many are attracted by the dangerous yet high paying jobs in the fishing industry in Hawaii construction, agriculture (coffee, diversified agriculture, etc), landscaping, and the service industry have all been big draws because they are willing to do the work even if it means holding more than one job. Basically, like most other places in the U.S. Also, Hawaii's unemployment rate has been one of the lowest in the country (and at one point the lowest in the nation for maybe a couple of years?) for several years now and they've been having trouble finding workers. However, the 3 industries mentioned are probably the top draws. Hawaii has also had cases where illegals came over on ships in the past but most just come over by plane originally as tourists/students and just stay.

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Here are some updates and new data for other places in the region.

These stats are for legal immigrants admitted in 2005 only and the "D" means that the data was withheld/not released.

Other Hawai'i Areas:

Maui County


Hawaii County - The Big Island


Kauai County


Other Alaska Areas:





Other Puerto Rico Areas:




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