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Jacksonville's Next Super Bowl


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Just thought I would start a new topic regarding what people's opinions are regarding our downtown when the next super bowl comes.

It has been estimated that we will most likely be in the running again for another super bowl by 2014.

Just imagine how different our skyline will be by this time?

What do you guys think?

Do you think these problems will be solved by then too?

The Landing

The Courthouse

The Shipyards (will it be finished by then)

San Marco Riverwalk (will it be finished by then)

JEA Generating site (will it be finished by then)

What are your opinions?

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I think that this is an excellent topic... with very good questions...

I do believe (and hope) that all of these projects will be completed by then. That's 8 years from now. And that's a long, long time.

I actually put together a listing of all buildings either under construction, approved or proposed to be built in the next few years and found out that only 5 of our current skyskrapers will be in the top TWENTY tallest buildings in town by 2010. Wow. Think about that. Our skyline is basically going to QUADRUPLE in the next 4-5 years. Has that ever happened anywhere?

I think the next Super Bowl in Jacksonville will be hugely successful, as the city grows, matures and learns from the mistake(s) of the past Super Bowl. I think that the city actually did a very good job with the last one, and that there won't be as much growth as most people think.

We shall see. Good post, Vlad...

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Interesting topic. Considering 2005 was Jacksonville's first Super Bowl, they did a pretty good job. So their second will only be better, especially as they learned from past mistakes and successes.

I think alot of downtown's success depends on the mayor we have. I really hope Peyton leaves the office and the CBD he ruined.

Another interesting Super Bowl tidbit: Did anyone notice Detroit's Super Bowl logo? Was it themed or anything special? I loved how Jacksonville's logo had the Main Street Bridge in it!





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Yes I think I logo was much better than Detroits,but there sky line was much better than ours and they showed cased it much better with the lighting. Our bridges out shine everybodys.Our next Superbowl if we get one should be much better,hopefully Peyton will not be in office to much longer and some of the red tape proposals have to go through will be thinned down.Also our transporation needs to be better along with more hotels which are already on the way.

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Actually, I think downtown development is going to hurt our chances of getting the Super Bowl back anytime soon. The NFL Experience was located at the old JEA Generating Station. That land will be developed by the time the Super Bowl could be back. The same goes for the Shipyards area. That area was used for parking and a concert stage was erected there. The NFL Experience usually is housed at a convention center or similar venue. The fact that they were able to pull it off at the Generating Station site is amazing. A new convention center may be necessary. And that is not going to happen with Peyton in office.


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