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Blizzard 06 (Photos)


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Here are some photos I took from my town, Highland Park.

From my apartment I saw lots of digging out going on.



The fire escape.


Down on the street. This is 5th Ave (a.k.a. Ave of the Owls [btw, i've never seen an owl on this street])



Now it was MY turn to start shoveling.


And I had a bit of help from some people who wanted a free ride to the train station


Mission accomplished.


Driving around town...






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Highland Park plowed way better than New Brunswick. New Brunswick cant plow to the save their lives and EVERYONE parks along the snow emergency streets.

Great photos btw and i would of snapped some photos around NB driving down to Jersey Ave, Joyce Kilmer, Livingston and Sandford but then you gotta watch out for 30,000 things happening at once. The pics would of been really something to see like by late spring and think "wow, that happend like 3 months ago? "

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Here in Rhode Island this 'blizzard' wasn't really a big deal. Yesterday travel of all forms ground to a halt and it was extremely windy and snowing hard. We ended up with 15 inches or something, I'm not really sure. But this morning, that had compacted to about 4-5 inches. The streets were pretty well clear. No big deal up here really.

The Cape had some coastal flooding at high tide, but that's pretty normal every winter. Watching CNN today you would have thought this was Katrina II.

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