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Thoughts on possible loss of Furniture Market


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I know this is an old subject, but what are your true thoughts on the Triad area's possible loss of the International Home Furnishings Market to Las Vegas?

To be honest, I have very mixed feelings about it. There is a part of me that hates to see it leave our area. It is an event that no doubt brings in Millions of $$$ in revenue to the area twice a year.

But, the other side of me says, let them go. Heck, I'll even help them packup. Better yet, don't take it to Las Vegas, go ahead and take it to China; you know, the place where you took the jobs.

Atleast if it weren't here, restaruants would only need 1 menu. Not 1 for market months and 1 for non-market months. There would be less arrogant and obnoxious people to deal with during the months of April and October.

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A relative of mine works for the city of High Point and dreads furniture market week -- all the hassle of taking the shuttles and getting around. But of course, also understands the importance of the market and doesn't make a peep about it. I'm sure many people in town feel that way.

If the market did leave, the question becomes -- how to come up with a new use for all that showroom space? Isn't there something like half a million square feet of it?

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Losing the market would be an extremely tragic and deep blow to the city of High Point. Overnight you could have all that showroom space reduced to nothing on the tax rolls, 11.5 million square feet! While that space could lead to some opportunistic re-development, I'm not sure leadership in the High Point area would be able to remake their ecomony fast enough.

Las Vegas wants this market, and unless High Point, the Triad, and effected business rally together to keep this market here; we stand a good chance of losing it. Our market needs to make massive changes to keep people wanting to come here. A big draw for Las Vegas is the "extracurricular" activites she offers. Folks, while we have many things to do here, we will never be able to compete with Vegas on those grounds. I hope we're up to the challenge of finding improvements and ways of keeping the market in H.P.!

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The second showcase cneter has been topped off here in Vegas. I tell you there is real excitement over this and I really hate it. HP has given its soul to the furniture market and I hope it doesnt turn its back on it. I read an article where the mayor here says he respects HP and its history and does not want to compete with it. That was the politically corect way of saying we are the new kids in the game and want to take it over. The Triad cant compete with the ammenities of Vegas but it can offer a proffesional know how that has been showcased for decades.

I truly hope the Triad gets in gear and puts up a fight. I say the Triad because it is going to take a collective effort to keep the level importance it has now.

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