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New Midtown infill in Memphis


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Supposed to be right next to the Sears Tower, with 13 single family homes and 17 townhouses, all done up in a midtown style. I believe the article says that the people involved are some of the same who did the infill on the I-40 row. If so, they really did a good job. It's hard to tell what's 100 yrs. old and what's new.

BTW--the group that was proposing to redevelop the Sears Tower was supposed to go before the planning commission last month. Apparently, they didn't, or I think I would've read about it.


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Thanks for the article. Crosstown can boom with the jobs that'll come to the med district. Having a light rail line nearby doesn't hurt either.

I hope so. I remember when that area was really vibrant with Sears open and the Crosstown Theater showing first-run movies.

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I was hoping that that local vietnamese merchants in the area would band together and start marketing it as a Little Saigon. It could be a tourist and entertainment/lunch destination just like many cities' chinatown area.

Instead it looks like auto parts stores love the area. That article also mentioned something about a dollar store? Is there really a need for any more of those in Memphis?

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