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Mount Magazine Lodge


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There's a hudge lodge being built atop the state's largest mountain. The views there are absolutely fantastic, and the elevation change from mountain to valley is 2300+ feet, comparable to the Appalachians and Rockies.

I'm glad they're rebuilding the lodge; I just hope it doesn't hurt any of the wildlife up there. I remember when I visited about a year and a half ago, there were beautiful butterflies and insects and wildflowers literally everywhere. The cooler climate seemed to help a bit. Mount Magazine even has its own species of snail only found on that mountain. I hope the increased traffic does not hurt any of it, because that, in my opinion, would be a greater loss than would be the gain of a state-of-the-art lodge.

Here's Arkansas Business' special feature on it:

Lodge Readies for Ooohs, Ahhhs

60-Room Hotel, 13 Cabins on Mount Magazine Set to Open May 1

A grand structure with storybook views, the new Mount Magazine State Park Lodge is the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

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