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Movies vs. Reality


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I've noticed that what people see and want on tv is different than where they choose to live.

In most movies that take place in the suburbs, the suburbs are shown as being bad. The movies are about getting into arguments with the neighbors, or having disfunctional family get togethers, getting a rude cashier or bagger at the generic super store, having traffic problems, and all that kind of stuff. The suburbs are usualy portayed as being undesirable.

And in general, all non-suburb places are usually portrayed better. You never see people in a movie walking through the isles at meijer, you see them walking down along a bunch of independant store fronts. characters in romantic comedies usually live in some apartment downtown, or in a cozy old house, but not in a generic suburb.

So if movies are a reflection on what people want, what's with all of the bad suburbs?

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Well, it's all about the setting for those problems as you mentioned. Movie/television makers pick these areas specifically for their problems or qualities in which they intend to reflect in their program, just because their audience can relate to them, and therefore enjoy the show.

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