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IMO Libertyland is a great asset to the city, especially with all the developments inside the loop. Even though its not big, its cheap so its a nice thing to do when the kids summer vacation gets boring. A small, cheap themepark is better than no themepark at all and personally, I would love to see it incorporated into the plans for the Fairgrounds. When the light rail to the airport gets built, more tourists will actually see it and have easy access. Also if the rail lines out east are used for light rail, those suburbanites can get to Libertyland quite easily and not worry about their cars being broken into :D

Theres video on the homepage wreg.com just incase you've never been.

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Yeah, I hope the proposals work out.

I think innercity theme parks have a niche--nostalgia and small scale if nothing else. And I think that appeal will increase in the future. Just hope LibertyLand can last that long. I always remember Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans which was similar to LibertyLand and closed down in the early 80's.

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