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Sen. Chuck Morse: There is no reason to hold up I-93's expansion


LAST WEEK the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) filed a lawsuit that, if allowed to proceed, could delay the widening of Interstate 93 by a number of years. Such a delay would be a significant detriment to the Granite State in terms of higher project costs and greater safety risks being borne by our citizens.

In its lawsuit, the CLF references concerns with the lack of rail for travel on the I-93 corridor and concerns about air, water and land impacts as a result of the widening. The litigation attempts to halt the outcome of years of planning and collaboration between New Hampshire, Massachusetts and the federal government in bringing much-needed widening to the stretch of I-93 between Manchester and the Massachusetts border.

Full Article Here.

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i don't drive the section of 93 between manchester and MA, but if it's like 293 or the everette tpke or whatever that other highway is (starts out as rt 3 in MA), it needs to be widened (the one i'm talking about just needs wider lanes).

however, rail between manchester and boston should be more of a priority, especially with the new airport name...

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