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Expos to Move to Detroit???


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Expos to move to Detroit?

With 6 million + people in the metro we can support two teams, and we do have the now vacant Tiger Stadium. Do you think this has a chance of happening?

From Baseballology.com

An Interview With Nikco Riesgo

by Russ Cohen


Nikco Riesgo, a former major league ballplayer, is with a group called GBI and they are currently looking to purchase the Montreal Expos and move them to Detroit. Does this sound possible? Well sit back and see why it is.

Russ: This is in your blood. You were a player. Does Detroit do well enough in attendance to support two teams?

Nikco: The local attendance has hurt the last couple of years. I

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I'd like to see the team move to the boston area. There is definetly the population and fanatasicm to support an NL team. They could play in Foxboro for a couple of years before a new stadium is built. This is very unlikely since there are some large metros without a team. Still, I think the team would be financially successful here.

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