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Church Street to be taken up again


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I was talking to the man today who is in charge of the installation and designing of the underground heating system for the downtown buildings known as the steam heating tunnels.

He said when Signature is built, they will tear up Church Street...again... to install the steam tunnels 60 feet underground as before when Viridian started.

So....Church Street is NOT finished!

He also said the Federal Courthouse is still a go, but more work has to be done to hook that steam tunnel up. It still may be a few years however.

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Also keep in mind that Church Street was 'taken up' from 1st Avenue to 9th Avenue for a complete overhaul, including sidewalks, planters, ADA requirements, etc. in addition to the actual straightened and re-paved street. Any modifications to underground utilities for future construction will certainly not require that extent of [de]construction.

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I dont think I would tie into the thermal plant though. There have been a lot of problems in the hotels downtown due to the lack of hot water and heat. I owuld rather be independent of that system but who knows maybe it works pretty good. If the plant goes down for any reason then there will be a lot of buildings downtown without heat or hot water.

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