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The Pods!


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I didn't want to post anything too soon until I really knew for sure, but this morning the jackhammers took me by suprise and I thought it was my motorcycle about to blow up. Tonight I walked past the first one and it's virtually gone! It looks like a very major reconstruction of the overlooks on Mt Washington! :D

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Mt. Washington Overlooks Closed For Repairs



I was aways a little afraid to venture out onto those things! lol

Does anyone know the last time that they were repaired? How long do these repairs usually last before another one is needed? Just curious.

Anyhow - it's nice that one of the structures most visited by tourists is being fixed-up in time for the summers events!

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Great question on the ASG!

If my memory serves they were last repaired in a major way in the early-mid 80's like many of the bridges around here they are structurally solid (built with tons of redundancies) but could be used in some horror/disaster flick tommorrow . . . ah the little things that make us unique ;)

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