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Browns Stadium Looks into Domed Stadium


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Developer Hopes To Raise $90M For Stadium Dome

Councilman Says Building Roofless Stadium Was Mistake

CLEVELAND -- A local developer is leading the efforts in raising the $90 million it would cost to put a dome on Cleveland Browns Stadium, reported 5 On Your Side's Tony Gaskins.

"If you look 10 years out and look at the picture, what we're talking about is quite simply, what can you draw with a stadium like that? Well, No. 1 is the Super Bowl," said Corna.



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I don't mind retractable roof stadiums at all. The stationary domes however... :angry:

The staduim itself can be reconfigured with not much difficulty to make it retractable which is what they are goin for. Ill find the blueprints for it and post them soon.

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