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New weekly newspaper?


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Walking to my car yesterday, I saw a new black box sitting with the familar real estate books boxes. It was for Yes Weekly newspaper. I have never heard of this paper and I thought it may have a revamp of Go Triad or Relish newsweeklies. But it was not but it seems to be a much different type of newsweekly. At first, I thought it was some sort of right-wing local Republican paper as the first few articles keep talking about GOP events like when William Kristol of the Weekly Standard came to town for a presentation. There is even an Ann Coulter column but then I read some articles about Muslim rights and then some avant-garde art reviews.

This seems to be a strange duck of a newsweekly. It also appears from its volume and issue number (vol 2 issue 7) that it has been around for awhile.

There appears to be quite a bit of editorial content dealing with UNC-G as well as Greensboro as a whole; very little of the material or ads concern Winston. Many of the articles, and a very diverse lot they were, seem to be generated by a writer named Jordan Green.

Does any body know anything more about this newspaper? Can the Triad support three or more free newspaper weeklies that with local arts and entertainment?

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