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City Planning Questions? (I could use some help!)

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I'm doing a report on city planning particulary in the context of Pittsburgh. I have some question that I need answered. I'm still waiting on a staff member to get back to me. If you have answers for these questions either for Pittsburgh or any other city I'd much appreciate it.

-What role does zoning play in ciy planning and how big is that role?

-What is the city planning commission's role and how does it fit into the larger

strcuture of planning? Related: (What is the process for a new building project to

be approved?)

-Would you say that city planning has a comprehensive vision? What is it?

-What some histroical and current factors that influence planning's overall


-How much of CBD planning dominates planning?

Other questions

-How important do you think city planning is to function of a city?

- Where do you belive the most effort or work is in planning?

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