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Why was Knightsky's post closed?


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Don't mean to offend, but it seems like the visitor was just coming here asking questions about neighborhoods in Nashville as he is planning to relocate. I looked up the rules and here's what I found that you may be refering to:

"#6 We are not a real estate site.

* Do not create posts looking to buy or rent property.

* Do not create posts to sell or rent property.

* Do not attempt to contact members here to buy, sell, or rent propery."

It didn't seem to me that he was here doing any of the above. I came here to research Nashville as well since my family is planning to relocate too. I guess that's why I am a little surprised...and now concerned about why his post was closed.

Again, I don't mean to offend anyone, just curious. I was looking forward to hearing some neighborhood descriptions and discussions in response to his request.



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We certainly don't mind if you use UrbanPlanet to do some research to find out about Nashville. After you study the threads here please feel free to ask any questions you like about what you have seen here. This is quite different than starting a post that simply asks for recommendations for real eatate in Nashville because one wants to buy a house. That is the difference and where we draw the line. Until we started taking this approach the site was innudated with requests such as " is such and such neighborhood good to move to". I recommend getting a Real Estate agent for those type of questions.

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