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between DT and the backbay in boston


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Since there's a lot of uncertainty about what is between DT and the backbay in boston and how far apart they are, here are some pictures taken from the roof of a building DT. Also a couple looking the other way to show that DT is expanding across fort point channel. Finally, a couple of the longwood area, which is west of the Pru and has lots of tall buildings but is not usually seen in shots of the boston skyline.

1 lincoln DT in the foreground with the JHT, Pru and 11 huntington in the background


Slightly different direction showing 500 boylston in the backbay in the background


Seaport district to the east of downtown with office buildings new convention center (not shown) hotels etc. Something like 10million+sqft of development is on the drawing boards and U/C.


Another shot of showing the proximity of the seaport district to the harbor


Longwood is a big medical area that is growing like crazy with high rise labs, hotels, condos, etc.



A new building on the Northeastern U. campus near longwood.


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You know, if they moved those towers in the Back Bay closer to Downtown, Boston would have a really nice skyline... :cough:, :sputter:, :choke:...

Oops, sorry, I was possessed momentarily by someone who considers the worth of their city is only valued by what it looks like from 5 miles away. :lol:

Really, I've never understood why people say this about Boston, I happen to think the space between Back Bay and Downtown seen from the south and especially the north, is quite striking, and very aesthetically pleasing. I love the gap. Downtown itself would do well to have a bit more variety in height, but the way the city rises out of the harbour is terribly striking the lack of variety in height aside.

I also don't understand why Bostonians revile the courthouse so much. The harbourfront there is one of the best pieces of open space in the city. Sure the building is imposing and puts up a non-inviting front to Northern Ave., but it's a Court House, it's supposed to be imposing, it's not supposed to be touchy feely. And the rest of that neighbourhood is far from finished. We have to see how the Court House fits into the context of what is eventually built around it, before we can pass final judgement on it.

Longwood I love. I don't know why. It's very much there only for it's purpose, to house the hospitals and learning facilities in the neighbourhood. But there is something about the scale and the layout of the area that I've always really liked. One of my favourite parts of the city (now there's an odd comment).

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