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Should the Ultraviolet loop be brought back?


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This piece made me ponder wether the UV loop really should be one of our priorities moving forward . . . article brings up the valid point that the PortAuthority has better uses of its limited funds then hosting lots of out of town college kids while at times overlaying existing bus routes. Although if there was a project you could "waste" a little money on I always thought the UV Loop was a cool concept, what would be even better is to get a UV trolley on the existing route!

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Yeah I loved the idea and the trip, too mad not enough people jumped on it, at the end of the day the PAT had to keep bailing it out b/c private contribs ran out, the Port Authority to their defense is a public agency so they can't really justify spending on that when there is someone below the poverty line waiting for transport in Tarentum.

Did anyone else note the authors last statement in the piece? That does hurt just a lil :P

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