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Baltimore Hilton


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Here's one. From the Baltimore Sun- click on the right side for the picture. Requires registration. :(


As for the building itself, it doesn't look like anything too special. Rather too bad, as this could have been something very handsome for the city. Instead, it's a fairly ordinary building.

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Got it, thanks. You can go to www.bugmenot.com for registration. As for the hotel I find it difficult to tell exactly what the end result may look like even looking at the renderings. I guess we will have to wait and see for the end result.



The article said they tried to design the hotel with Camden Yard and Camden Station in mind yet a hotel with an identity and that would be memorable so hopefully it will have somewhat of a special appeal about it.


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This is somewhat dated material but I wanted to update this thread as much as possible.

Construction Estimates for $290 million Publicly Financed

Hilton Hotel in Baltimore Soaring Beyond Projections;

City Seeking New Competitive BidsMar. 5, 2005--City development officials plan to seek competitive bids to build the proposed $290 million publicly financed convention headquarters hotel after construction estimates soared beyond projections.



In addition, the first 4 pages of this document have some interesting info on development of the hotel.

Link (warning - large pdf file)

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Competition is a good thing though. It forces the other hotels to either upgrade or possibly lose business. We have seen that here in Va Beach at the Oceanfront. Some very nice hotels have opened in the last few years (The Hilton on 31st being the tallest and most high end). Quite a few hotels have upgraded and some have simply gone way of the wrecking ball to make way for something much grander.

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Mass. company to act as watchdog for Hilton operation's performance

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

sun reporter

Originally published December 5, 2006

The city has named an asset manager to act as a performance watchdog for the Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel, a controversial project that boosters hope will improve the city's lagging meeting business.


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